Sea Freight

In principle sea freight requires a different approach than air freight. Even though most people believe that goods shipped by air are more time-sensitive than those shipped by sea, this may not be true in many cases.

We can arrange freight departure to anywhere in the world speedily and cost-effectively, either as part of a consolidated load (if the cargo is below 15 Cubic Meters) or as full containers. Containers vary in size – 32, 64 or 71 cubic meters – and we will advise our clients of the best sea freight forwarding option and will arrange shared space or container booking with the major shipping lines. As a experienced sea freight forwarder, Bhumex Global Forwarding has long-established excellent working relationships with MSC, Maersk and other major shipping companies and we can guarantee first rate service at competitive rates.

A multitude of goods in large volumes are scheduled to arrive for seasonal sales or for opening of new shops. Should the forwarder be careless, these goods will arrive late and the marketing impact is missed.

Large investments in power stations, petrochemical and chemical plants, airports, subways and many others require large parts that cannot be shipped by air to arrive at a specific date. Late arrival may result in hefty penalties that can go as high as hundred thousands of dollars per day.

Such capital goods are generally tailor-made. Thus, in case of damages, replacement will take months and damages in delayed start-ups will cost once again thousands of dollars. The right choice of freight forwarder can make that little bit of difference for you!