Road Freight

Our company has many types of trucking services to offer our clients to fit the suitability of the cargo. We offer trucking services throughout Thailand and as well as international trucking to Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Malaysia.

Domestic Trucking
Our company can provide wide range of trucking services to accommodate the needs of our clients. All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS Installation that is closely monitored by our own Transport Planning Team.

  • 4-wheel container trucks
  • 6-wheel container trucks
  • 6-wheel opened trucks
  • 40” Trailer trucks (Flatbed, 2 Axle, 3 Axel, Air Suspension)

On top of Domestic Trucking Services, our company also supports trucking services internationally to Malaysia and Singapore. With years of experience in cross-border trucking to Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Malaysia.