International Removals

Moving home is well known to be a stressful business. When that move is to a new continent those stress levels can increase substantially and one of the main contributors is the issue of moving possessions – both the practicalities and the expense.A number of organizations will provide a comprehensive service that includes packing all belongings, transporting them to the new home and then unpacking and re-locating everything there. This, of course, sounds wonderful, but is, unsurprisingly, a very expensive option. Bhumex, renowned as an experienced and reliable freight forwarding company, offer a fully safe and secure alternative shipping solution for removals between Thailand and any other destination in the world – but at up to half the cost that these companies charge.

Our International Removal Service

After consultation, we will provide a container or truck of a pre-agreed size to the client’s current abode and will collect it some hours later, when laden. This will then be shipped to the new destination to an agreed schedule; we will take care of all necessary paperwork and ensure prompt customs clearance. It is, though, the client’s responsibility to pack and to load their belongings into the container and then to manage the off-loading of all items at the new residence. Self-loading and unloading may appear to be a tiresome operation, but it does generate significant savings– money that can, perhaps, be better spent on setting up the new home in the new, exciting environment !

We offer extremely competitive rates for all consignments, small or large, with a service that is efficient, timely and hassle-free. Our world-wide network of export agents is adept at handling all the necessary paperwork (and there can be a lot of paper involved in an international move!) and will ensure a safe, seamless transfer of the goods.

Our success has been built on experienced teamwork, an emphasis on customer satisfaction and our ability to offer customized solutions for any situation. Our friendly and efficient people, fluent in a number of languages will provide all the assistance needed to make your international move as stress-free as possible.